Wandsbeker Königstrasse

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany with a population of around 1,852,000.

Due to its world famous port, which is the third largest container port in Europe the city is considered Germany's "gateway to the world". In addition to the port, a large number of international companies act as an economic engine, thus ensuring a commuter surplus of 230,000 people

Wandsbeker Königstrasse

The residential and commercial building is located in the Wandsbek district of Hamburg, which covers an area of 6 km² with a population of over 36,000. The property is well-situated on the corner of the central commercial streets Wandsbeker Königstrasse and Wandsbeker Marktstrasse, right by the subway station (U-Bahn). The property is only about 100 meters away from a large shopping center. This enhances both visibility and the number of traffic passing by.

The total rental area of the property is approximately 1,780 square meters, with notable anchor tenants. Additionally, there are several smaller residential leases within the property.

Anchor tenants include the eyewear chains, Fielmann AG - one of Europe's largest eyewear chains and Apollo Optik. Right at the corner of the building, with two big window facades, there is an appealing Coffee House located, with a remarkable choice of cakes and snacks.