Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse

Pforzheim is a large city with 127,849 inhabitants in Baden-Württemberg on the northern edge of the Black Forest.

The city is a center of the Karlsruhe/Pforzheim conurbation, which has about 650,000 inhabitants. The city is also the upper center of the Northern Black Forest region. The nearest larger cities are Karlsruhe and the federal state capital Stuttgart.

Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse

The property is situated in one of the prime locations on Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse, which is the absolute premier shopping street in Pforzheim. In everyday language, Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse is commonly referred to as "die Westliche" and stretches from Marktplatz to Brötzingen.

The property in Pforzheim encompasses a rental area of 1,756 square meters, consisting of two stores in the groundfloor, a pharmacy and a restaurant “Dean & David”, and a range of clinics in the upper floors.

The property is designed as a healthcare facility, housing a pharmacy, doctors, and psychologists, whereas the remaining portion of the property is leased for residential purposes. The building has two stores on the ground floor on Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Strasse. On the upper floors there are mainly commercial premises, which are used as medical practices. The main access to the building is on Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße. The stores are delivered exclusively via Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße and via the courtyard from the passageway Bahnhofstrasse.