Münchener Strasse

Rosenheim, with its around 65,000 inhabitants, is considered the gateway to Chiemgau (Upper Bavaria) and as a shopping center for around 350,000 people of the Alpine region. Its high-quality cultural and leisure offerings attract up to 280,000 tourists a year from all over the world.
Münchener Strasse

The property is located on Münchener Straße, an extremely busy and heavily frequented shopping mile. The flagship store extends over two floors with a total of approximately 820 square meters of sales space. The remaining part of the property is leased for residential purposes.

Among the neighboring properties, H&M and Tchibo can be mentioned. The sales area of the property is with its total size of 1.040 square meter, one of 5 big sales stores in Rosenheim, thus attractive for retail chains.

The smaller part of the sales area is leased out to EUROShop, whereas the bigger part is on the market for active acquisition of a new sustainable tenant by a local Real Estate Broker, since New Yorker moved out. The property has great potential. From 2025 the EUROShop sales space of approx. 242 square meters, can be additionally rented and be designed as a 1.040 square meter flagship store.